What features influence whether you purchase a home or not? Everyone is different, but there are some factors that remain the same. How many bedrooms do you want? You and I may not want the same number of bedrooms, but on thing is true, we both better know how many we want. The same thing can be said for the number of bathrooms your new home should have. Well, how much space do you need to fit those bedrooms and bathrooms? I like big open spaces so I may want more space than you, but we both know how much square footage we want. The last thing everyone should know what they want in their home is the price! I certainly hope you aren’t searching for homes between $1,000 and $10,000,000. You might end up with, oh say every home on the market!

The next few determining home search factors are those most people know, but not all. Does the home have a pool? I would venture to say that more than 50% of home buyers searching homes for sale in Dr Phillips¬†would like to see homes with pools. I would also venture to say a fair portion of those buyers will find the perfect home for them and it doesn’t have a pool. It does not deter them from purchasing a home, they just didn’t know their favorite home wouldn’t have a pool. Is the community gated? There are many reasons someone may want to live in a gated community, extra sense of security, exclusivity, or prestige. There are so many ‘secure’ awesome neighborhoods in Dr Phillips, having a gate at the entrance only adds to the monthly HOA. What year was your house built in? While most people know if they want an older house with character or a newer contemporary home, most are not going to be particular whether the home was built in 1997 or 1998. Would this be a deal breaker for you?

Finally, the things most people don’t even think about. Does your home have a bidet? Is this something important to you? I would never use one but there are people that have to have them. What about a ramp at the front door? While this is not something you would think of commonly, if you are confined to a wheelchair it is imperative to have ramp access into your home. What about a fenced in yard? I have 3 dogs. I do not want to walk them 4-5 times a day. Therefore, I need a fenced-in backyard to let my dogs out back to use the bathroom. What little things do you find you have to have in your home? Everyone has them, so what’s yours?