Dr Phillips Parkside Pricing

Dr Phillips Parkside Pricing

This is it! The moment you have all been waiting for! The prices for Parkside of Dr Phillips have been released! Well, they have for the first 5 buyers anyway. Last week, Meritage Homes held a private release party where 86 qualified buyers were invited to come hear the answer to the long awaited question, How much?! Most were surprised at the answer that followed.

Base Madrid model: $386,990

Base Tara Model: $414,990

Base Palm Model: $440,990

Base Barcelona Model: $465,990

It is important to note that not only were these guaranteed for the first 5 buyers but, prices did go up. Meritage Homes promised to release at least 20 homesites in a lottery system for those who showed up to the release party. Well, they did them one better. They guaranteed each person would have the chance to purchase a homesite before the grand opening.


By Sunday afternoon, 20 homesites had been sold and the prices had gone up $30,000! At this rate, by the Grand Opening for Parkside in Dr Phillips by Meritage Homes┬áprices will be increased by more than 20%! I can’t wait to see where the prices finally end up. For all the latest updates on Dr Phillips Parkside be sure to check back here or follow Parkside on Twitter.