Todays Dr Phillips Daily Dose will include two very popular topics. Real Estate investments and Facebook. It seems that more and more people are realizing the profit potential in flipping homes. Working a standard 9am-5pm job 5 days a week is no longer the American dream. Whether we would rather spend more time with our families, traveling, or yes, even just sitting on the couch watching television, more and more people no longer want to be stuck at work for hours on end week in and week out.

Real estate investing allows investors to work flexible hours yet remain profitable. As a Dr Phillips Real Estate investor myself, I can relate to not wanting to work the typical 9-5 shift. I feed my 6-month old daughter breakfast everyday, eat lunch with my family, take breaks when I want, and best of all, I’m my own boss. It also helps that I am doing what I love most. I love all facets of the real estate industry. Not only do I enjoy buying, fixing up, and selling homes myself, I love the satisfaction of making someone the proud new owner of a home or helping someone sell their home. It is an experience everyone should want, and have, in their lifetime and I would love to be there to help.

The next segment of today’s Dr Phillips’ Daily Dose is about a new tool on Facebook. Facebook plans to upgrade their new graph search to enable people to search for specific qualities. For example, a Facebook user will now be able to search for ‘a male real estate agent’ in ‘Dr Phillips Orlando, Florida‘ who is a ‘friend of one of my friends.’ I believe this is a response to LinkedIn’s search options which allow you to connect to professional contacts but, you can see what your relationship is to them. Whether they are a 1st connection (one of your friends), 2nd connection (a friend of a friends that you may know), a 3rd connection (a friend of a friend you might know because they are friends with one of your friends), etc. This tool is useful because LinkedIn can actually suggest friends you may not have otherwise found based on your professional connections. Facebook is simply making their own version of this tool. If you need a particular service in a particular area, now you can search for a specific person to complete a specific task in a specific area and, to top it all off, you can see how you are connected to them.

Phew, that was a tongue twister. It amazes me the progress we make with technology everyday. The internet is such a helpful tool in making professional connections. Well, that’s all for today’s Dr Phillips’ Daily Dose. I hope you all check back in later to see what other topics come up. Remember, Blake Roby can meet all your Real Estate needs, so call Blake today.